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Mini Leagues 2023 Information

Map of the Pitches for the weekend

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Managers List

Note: Academy Cup is on Saturday at 11:30 - 1pm on big Astro

● Players should arrive at least a half an hour before their first match to register and meet with
their team. All teams have a match on Friday so please check the fixture list for exact times.
● If, for whatever reason you are unable to make a match, please let your manager know or
alternatively, contact the club so we can notify your team manager.
● Teams should try to meet at least 15 minutes prior to any subsequent fixture in their designated
meeting point. Speak to your manager about this so all players know what the plan is of their
specific team.
● Matches will be 10 minutes per half with a quick turnaround break. Roll on, roll
off substitutions. Academy games will be 10 minutes each.
● 3 Points for a win, 1 point for a draw.
● In the case of 2 teams ending up with the same number of points in the table, league position will be based on head-to-head. f head-to-head can’t separate them and their final position would result in a team not qualifying for the semi-finals (eg. 4th & 5th), then a penalty shootout will take place. (Goal difference will not be used at all)
Should it only be for position within the 4 qualified teams eg. 3rd & 4th, then a coin flick will
determine the final position)
● Semi Finals will take place on Saturday afternoon with 1st playing 4th and 2nd playing 3rd.
● The fianls will all take place on Sunday morning.
● Players can wear the colour of the team allotted to them where possible eg Ireland -
wear green, Liverpool - wear red. However, coloured bibs will be provided to all teams so no
problem if you don’t have a colour that matches.
● All matches will be played on our Grass Pitches so please wear the appropriate boots and shin
● Players should wear sun cream and bring/drink plenty of water for the tournament. Caps are also
advisable when not playing.
● Warm up areas will be available in the cages on the days for teams use.

Players and parents are asked to remember that our club is currently undergoing development work for our new Astro so the ground is uneven in places and building materials remain on site. Please take extra care up at our club over the weekend and stay away from cordoned off areas.

● All referees are volunteers so please respect the referee’s decision at all times and never criticise match officials during or after a match. Without their support, the mini league simply would not
● We expect positive encouragement only from the sidelines. Any other issues will be brought to
the attention of the stewards.
● Young players play for fun and enjoyment, and this should take priority over structured
competition, Winning is not the only objective.
● Please note no Parents are allowed on the pitches at any time and should not be involved in
coaching from the sideline. Let the young managers manage and the even younger players play!
● The aim is to have all teams competitive and well matched, therefore teams may be
subject to change where the committee deems necessary.
● The Club Shop will be open providing refreshments on the day. Coffee Van will
provide hot drinks. Hot food will be available on Saturday.
● Photos will be taken over the weekend and are subject to Leixlip United to use.
● The presentation will take place after the last final on the Sunday. Each participant will receive a medal of some sort so please come along and join the celebrations. (circa 1.15pm)

• Managers to ensure teams are ready to kick off at the allotted times.
• All matches will be 10 minutes per half and will start at the same time under the instruction
of the man on the mic.
• The referee will have a chat to each team and manager before the start of the match to
ensure the game will be played in good spirit and to remind the players that dirty tackles,
abuse, consisting fouling will not be tolerated. With that, a referee can book players or may
ask you to sub a player off should the referee feel that that’s the appropriate course of
• Do not, under any circumstances, give the referee abuse. If it happens, you will be reported
and most likely removed from your managers position.
• Matches will be at least 7-a-side but, should space and squad numbers allow, this can be
pushed to 8-a-side or even 9-a-side. This will be decided by the referee at the start of each
• Managers are to ensure ALL children get an equal opportunity to play
Ensure that you are fair with your Substitutions. ie. Don't keep subbing the same 2 or 3
weak players. The referee will try to have a chat with the managers before the start of the
match to see what your plans are to ensure that, what you are proposing, sounds fair.
Important: If the referee feels you are making unfair substitutions, he can stop the game
and force you to change.
• Opposition players must retreat(circa 1/3 of the pitch) and cannot touch the ball within the
retreat area before someone from the other team touches it. This applies to all age groups!
• Each coordinator will have a team list with the names of players & managers. So, only those
names listed on a sheet are allowed on the sideline (no extra friends are permitted!)
Managers will be provided with a red top, so they are easily identified
• If a team goes 3 goals up, the other team are allowed bring on an extra player. (If they don't
have an extra player then get the winning to take someone off). This player is then
withdrawn should the team get back to 2 goals down.
• Wear your lanyard with your name and team clearly written. This will be given to you on
Friday when you check in. (Check in to the clubhouse between 5.30pm-6pm)
• Should a spectator/parent/manager give you abuse or argues with you, please report it
straight away to your coordinator or referee so it can be dealt with. You do not have to put
up with that.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Leixlip United.

Mini Leagues Committee

Leixlip United AFC



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